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Audrey Blaine

Audrey Blaine, visual managing editor


Hobbies and Interests: Music (especially songwriting), painting, nature, spending time with loved ones, stalking people on Spotify and taking care of myself

Favorite Song: "The Story," by Conan Gray

Favorite Quote: "There is nothing more musical than a sunset" - Claude Debussy

All content by Audrey Blaine
Little by little, I’m starting to see my sensitivity as a vessel for empathy and love instead of labeling myself as weak.

Senior column: Audrey Blaine

Audrey Blaine, visual managing editor
April 13, 2022
A KHS senior boy’s pornography addiction began when he was in 6th grade.

[Photo] Addicted to porn

Maya Kim, web editor
March 4, 2022
Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other or going solo, there’s no better time to cook up some yummy and romantic desserts.

Romantic recipes

Audrey Blaine, visual managing editor
February 14, 2022
What I’ve found is that something so small can sometimes put life into so much perspective.

Gratitude 365

Audrey Blaine, visual managing editor
November 24, 2021

[Photo] Family #3

December 1, 2021

[Photo] Family #2

December 1, 2021

[Photo] Family #4

December 1, 2021
Turkey Week is the longest held tradition at KHS, but both freshmen and sophomores have yet to experience the true spirit of Turkey Day.

[Photo] Turkey Week schedule

Grace Marcus, print managing editor
November 17, 2021
Ever since his father introduced him to the sport at age 5, Poniewaz has stuck with his passion of basketball.

Court and classroom

Audrey Blaine, visual managing editor
November 1, 2021
The map of Juddahs canoe route down the Yellowstone river.

[Photo] 600 miles down

William Schreiber, features writer
October 12, 2021
These months weighed on me, but they also lifted a fog — now I’m starting to witness the world with more clarity.

Above – Audrey Blaine

Audrey Blaine, art editor
May 17, 2021
Self-dates aren’t magic, and they take some getting used to. Maybe it helps to start small, whether that means catching the sunset for 15 minutes or even buying yourself some flowers.

It’s a date (with you)

Audrey Blaine, art editor
March 2, 2021
Most students in the US dont have full First Amendment or press freedom rights on campus.

[Photo] The road to students’ rights

Grace Marcus, features writer
February 8, 2021
Zoe Knight, KHS senior, used the time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic to create her own nonprofit. “Project WallFlower is a nonprofit organization that raises money to provide period products to students in need,” Zoe said.

[Photo] Creating Project WallFlower

Lydia Sheehan, entertainment writer
December 4, 2020

[Photo] Fighting for our boys

Lila Shepard, features writer
December 9, 2020
From campaigning for a local representative to utilizing their social media platforms, TKC was able to highlight a few ways KHS students participated in politics. 

[Photo] Megan Roche and Siena Pack

Ava Duggin, social media editor
October 2, 2020
Though COVID-19 made many KHS spring traditions impossible, the graduation parade is one that will hopefully stay.

[Photo] Rating KHS traditions

Mya Copeland, features writer
August 24, 2020
20 year-old Mikaela Straus, better known as King Princess, released her debut album Cheap Queen Oct. 25 2019.

[Photo] “Cheap Queen” review

Kate Schreiber, features writer
December 10, 2019
Concussions were an issue that affected 15% of high school students in 2017.

[Photo] The Brain Issue: Long term impact

Rachel Finan, health + wellness writer
November 6, 2019
Intramurals are leagues that focus on the enjoyment and community of sports. These need to be implemented at KHS.

[Photo] Intramural inclusion

Olivia Silvey, opinions writer
September 25, 2019
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