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Voices of Kirkwood: COVID-19

Come together as a community and submit your COVID-19 stories to TKC's Voices of Kirkwood.

Olivia Silvey, Kate Schreiber, and Audrey Blaine

April 30, 2020

Tell us about your quarantine/COVID-19 experience. We want to provide a space for Kirkwood to come together. Whether it’s from your bedroom, your front yard or online, we want to hear about your times in quarantine.  Send us a photo of the view from your workspace. Share a hopeful story. Pose ...

Q&A with Dr. David Ulrich

The KSD Board of Education unanimously announced Dr. David Ulrich as the new KSD Superintendent Feb. 21.

Lily Bartin, VoK editor

March 23, 2020

TKC: How do you pronounce your name? DU: Say the word ‘full’ but take the ‘f’ off and then ‘rick.’    TKC: Where did you go to college? DU: I went to Arizona State for undergraduate school. My experience there was awesome. I had a wonderful time there and I’m proud to ca...

Voice of STL: Biden rally at Kiener Plaza

Tiffany Hamilton holds her Biden sign at his rally in downtown STL.

Lily Bartin, Olivia Silvey, and Liam Jackson

March 8, 2020

* Former Vice President Joe Biden held a rally at Kiener Plaza in downtown STL on Saturday, March 7. Tiffany Hamilton - Biden supporter “I’m here today because I support Joe Biden and he’ll be our next president. I feel like he brings back the years before Trump, [and a sense of]  comfort. ...

VoK: LaTanya Caffe

LaTanya Caffe, senior, described the meaning behind her tattoos and fingernails.

Lily Bartin, VoK editor

February 24, 2020

“My first tattoo I got after I turned 16. It says with pain comes strength. I got it for my cousin after he was hit by a car. He didn’t survive. That was something that really took a toll on our family. Everybody said he was the glue that held us together. And I feel like, with a lot of pain, we be...

Those who did (and didn’t) SOAR

Ben Voller, senior, has been involved in Kirkwood's gifted program since fifth grade.

Naomi Thomson, business editor

November 7, 2019

If you attended grade school in the Kirkwood School District, the terms “REACH” or “SOAR” may be familiar to you. The mentioning of these programs could spark nostalgia or confusion at being left out. The Kirkwood School District’s gifted program from grades K-5 is named REACH, and the pr...

KHS Spotify Wrapped

“Most of the music I listen to was an old country [genre] called Honky-tonk. It’s from around the sixties and seventies,” Finn Sinner, senior, said. “Country was something that I grew up on. My dad and I listened to a lot during car rides and such. I’ve been listening to it as long as I can remember. With rap, I like it, it’s modern, and I can look forward to because [new rap music] comes out every other month.”

Daniel Kim, sports editor

December 16, 2018

With one single swipe, people have access to all the music in the world. Thanks to the invention of the smartphone and music streaming apps such as Spotify, listening to music anywhere has never been easier. Spotify users can check out how many minutes they listened to music in a year and who their t...

Voices of Kirkwood: December ACT edition

Daniel Kim, sports editor

December 7, 2018

High school students all across the nation await to take the December ACT on Saturday, Dec. 7. Of the students taking the December test, many of them are juniors that have never taken the test. These are three juniors who share what they feel about taking the ACT for the first time in their life. ...

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