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An alchemical debut


Former Disney star Dove Cameron has entered a new phase of her career with the release of her debut album “Alchemical: Volume 1,” released Dec. 1. Last year, she released her hit LGBTQ+ anthem “Boyfriend” and has released several singles since then.

“Lethal Woman”
Cameron revealed this song is about a woman she met at a party, and shows her admiration of the woman’s angelic and strong-willed qualities. The eerie melodic intro sets the story up perfectly, and her smooth vocals throughout the track leave listeners hooked. Even though this is one of the shortest songs on her album, the intense energy Cameron showcases makes up for the length.

Best lyrics:
“She walks like a saint, floats like an angel”

This has to be one of my favorite songs on the album. When I first noticed its reference to bipolar depression in the first verse, it broke my heart in the best way possible. In this song, Cameron finds herself yearning for a moment of peace with her partner amongst the busy world that surrounds her.

Best lyrics: “Bubble-wrap the heart in plastic”

This song seems as if it’s straight out of a dystopian movie, with lyrics resembling a villain monologue. Throughout the tune, Cameron challenges any man who crosses her path, and proves that she too, is a lethal woman. Like other songs in this album, it has a villainous vibe to it that makes the listener feel like they’re confronting the main character in a Disney movie.

Best lyrics: “Ooh-ooh, so you wanna talk about power?/ Ooh-ooh, let me show you power”

This piano ballad features Cameron drained after a breakup, as she feels like her ex took all of her energy. It also addresses being in a one-sided relationship where one person loves their partner more than their other loves them. I absolutely love the metaphors this song uses, which display her progress in songwriting.

Best lyrics: “What’s worse?/ Bein’ wanted but not loved /Or loved but not wanted?”

“White Glove”
This song is accompanied by over-harmonized and distorted flirtatious vocals. Throughout, Cameron sings about wanting to establish a serious relationship with her partner as they gradually find out more about one another. I love the intensity of the lyrics and the song overall.

Best lyrics: “Where’d you come from, where’d you go?” – an accidental reference to “Cotton Eye Joe”?

“God’s Game”
Cameron struggles to figure out if her lover truly cares about her, or is simply trying to mess with her emotions during this song, which I believe many people can relate to. This song is almost entirely acappella until the end, showcasing her vulnerability. She feels as though she is nothing next to her partner, whom she worships and sees as a “beautiful” person in comparison to herself.

Best lyrics: “I am no home for you, I am shades of blue / You are beautiful, I am next to you”

Cameron’s smooth and sultry vocals alongside a soft drum beat lead the listener into the first single of the “Alchemical” era. It takes place at a party as Cameron tries to convince a woman she meets there to be her girlfriend. Cameron’s vocals are some of the best in the entire album, and they sound so much more mature and true to her musical style than her Disney Channel days, with different themes and more complex instrumentals.

Best lyrics: “The universe must have divined this/What am I gonna do, not grab your wrist?’”

With operatic vocals, plucking violin strings and soft piano notes in the background, this is a breakup song that leaves Cameron feeling weak and fragile, hence the title. The lyrics are her best yet, as she uses the metaphor of a damaged house to describe her broken heart.

Best lyrics: “The door was unlocked, the TV was on / The foundation’s here, but the magic is gone”

Overall, Dove Cameron is off to a fantastic start to her career as a singer, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her next album. Without a doubt, she will continue to amaze audiences with her vocals and lyrics just as she did in “Alchemical: Volume 1”, even if she decides to switch genres or lyrical styles, I’m sure she will not disappoint.

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