Lany Borella, Features

As students transition into the new school year changes occur, one of those many things are the planners.

For the 2015-16 school year, planners were produced by KHS. As of this year, however, planner production has been handed off to a new company that has made several changes. The overall school is not purchasing the planners, KHS switched to a new company to help with the transition of the freshman. Dr. Michael Havener, KHS principal, said that organization is the key to a freshman’s successful transition from middle school to high school.

This year all the freshman were provided with a planner for their first semester by KHS and the Pioneer Parent Organization (PPO); in hope to help them transition into their high school career, Havener said. Though every freshman was provided with a planner, not every freshman finds it useful.screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-7-49-34-am

“[I do not use my planner], it’s just a waste of time for me,” Liz Mccallon, freshman, said. “[I don’t like it because] it’s a hassle to have with me, when I put things in my book bag they occasionally get torn up, things that are paperback [like the planners].”

Last year’s school planners were small spiral books bound with sturdy cardboard, whereas this year’s planners are regular 8 by 11 inch staple-bound books. Besides the size difference, one major change with the planners this year is the incorporation of a student’s personal schedule and a 2016-17 school schedule.

“They put the schedules in there so kids could plan better,” Melissa Ewen, PPO volunteer, said. “My kids [who are both sophomores at KHS] like that they have their schedules in [their planner, but] they wish it had a hard back, and they wish it was a little smaller to fit in their backpacks.”

According to Jeff Townsend, assistant principal, the change in planners occurred because a company approached the school board; they had conducted a study with students having them use the planners they provided. The outcome of this study was positive and persuaded the school board to purchase KHS planners through them. The board thought that the students would benefit more with personalized schedule.

The number of planners used and bought in the last five years has decreased. The used to sell 500 to 600 planners or more every year but as the years go by the amount of planners purchased has taken to a decline. Electronics can attribute to this, instead of carrying a planner one can plan via their iPads or phones, Townsend said.screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-7-48-50-am

In 2011-12 KHS purchased 750 planners playing $1185. In 2012-13 the same amount was purchased but costed $1353.15. In 2013-14 again 750 planners were purchased by the school and costed $809.16. In 2014-15 only 400 planners were purchased by KHS costing $949.69. Finally in 2015-16 the same amount of planners were purchased costing $949.69.
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Previously, the senior class used to sell the planners as a fundraiser. One would see them at freshman day, transition day, turkey day, even in the book store, all the prophets would go back to the senior class, but this has ceased Townsend said. This is do to the minimal prophet and use coming from the decrease in sales.

In the beginning of the year, students had an option of buying a planner for the first semester of school. If they want to get another planner they will have to pay for their second semester. The planners are only half of a year due to the fact that they are personalized. A school schedule undergoes many changes and to keep as little confusion as possible the company only prints one semester at a time Havener said.screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-7-49-44-am

“Executive function is a term that allows students to have something to be be organized and plan for things to come ahead,” Havener said. “And when you individualize it for them the executive function skills are enhanced.”