Q&A with Dr. David Ulrich

TKC: How do you pronounce your name?

DU: Say the word ‘full’ but take the ‘f’ off and then ‘rick.’ 


TKC: Where did you go to college?

DU: I went to Arizona State for undergraduate school. My experience there was awesome. I had a wonderful time there and I’m proud to call that my alma mater. I liked it so much that I stayed longer to get my master’s degree in secondary instruction and curriculum. I would love to talk to any student considering Arizona State University.



TKC: What’s one word you would use to describe yourself?

DU: Student-centered. I have a belief that I have the obligation to maximize every opportunity I have to have a positive impact on students. It’s short and sweet and that’s exactly what drives me.



TKC: Do you know about the Webster/Kirkwood rivalry? What are your thoughts on Webster?

DU: I know that it is one of the longest-standing rivalries in the country. It will be an absolute blast to get to know the community and my counterpart over at Webster Groves, and really have some good-natured back-and-forth.

TKC: What is your favorite sports team?

DU: I grew up in Kansas City and my absolute favorite sport is soccer. So, my favorite team is Sporting Kansas City. I’ve also grown up as a Royals fan, and definitely a Chiefs fan.



TKC: What is your favorite food?

DU: Pizza. That’s an easy one.


TKC: What is your favorite song?

DU: Really depends on the day, but I will say my go-to song that I’ve probably played the most would be “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie. 


TKC: What is your favorite TV show?

DU: I would have to say the one that I’ve gone back and watched over and over would be “30 Rock.”


TKC: What Kirkwood tradition are you most excited to be a part of?

DU: Probably that good-natured rivalry between Kirkwood and Webster Groves. I think that’ll be a lot of fun to be part of. 



TKC: What do you think the biggest challenge will be for you coming to work at Kirkwood?

DU: Well the biggest challenge for me, but something I’m looking forward to as well, will be getting immersed in the schools and the community as fast as I can so we don’t skip a beat for the students. I can’t wait to be part of the community.