Through the lens


Coco Legrand

Will Huster, senior photo editor for Pioneer Yearbook, plans to take his love for photography further and study it in college.

Friday night lights. Iso 2500. 1/640. f/3.5. 

Known more by the photos he takes than his name, the only thing separating Will Huster from the rest of the students in the stands is a press pass and his Canon 1DX Mark I slung around his neck.

Huster’s interest in taking photos began his freshman year in his elective Fine Art Photography class. After falling in love with the subject, he decided to take his interest further by applying to be on the TKC photography staff. With too many applicants for the position, Huster was asked to join Pioneer Yearbook instead. Now as a Pioneer photography editor and after the purchasing of two professional grade cameras, Huster said he is thankful for what he has learned as a part of the yearbook staff.

“At first I didn’t know if Pioneer was going to be the right fit,” Huster said. “Now I realize being on yearbook has taught me more than any other opportunity would have. It has helped me become a leader and really try to be a good example. There is a lot of competition on staff and it pushes me to be better.”

I just try to be the best at what I do.

— Will Huster

Almost everyday Huster can be seen with his camera in hand at various events around KHS. He started an Instagram account under @willhusterphotography to post some of his best work. Since then, Huster said he is encouraged by the overwhelming compliments on his photos.


“I like the amount of feedback I get,” Huster said. “People love pictures. And when you get pictures people like it makes you want to keep taking more.”

Huster has taken advantage of all the opportunities he gets to shoot, including taking photos for the Missouri versus Kansas State football game earlier this September. He said this experience was unlike any other he has had before.

“I got a press pass, got to chill in the press box and was one of the people with a photo vest walking around the sidelines,” Huster said. “The energy students brought to the game was unreal. Seeing all the photographers out there and seeing what they do versus what I don’t do was a huge learning experience. It was cool to see it at a different level, especially with the hype around college football.”

Aside from shooting sports, Huster said he enjoys getting out to World Wide Technology Raceway across the river to take pictures for race series events, such as Formula Drift. Huster plans to study photography in college in hopes to one day shoot for NASCAR or Formula One professionally. Until then, he continues to work on his craft and further his love for photography.

“Photography is interesting because there is always something different.” Huster said. “Being able to do it in the future is something I am definitely interested in. I just try to be the best at what I do.”