(A)typical girl


Coco LeGrand

Kayla Bedell is involved with many aspects of KHS, including AP Biology and Pommies.

Kayla Bedell is all contradictions. A dancer who gets anxious while performing. A “dumb blonde” in three AP classes. A STEM student who hates math. An overly involved girl who will insist that she’s boring.

Kayla is taking a full schedule of classes and is a member of National Honor Society (NHS) and the senior Class Committee. On Wednesdays, you’ll find her working at Bissinger’s in Plaza Frontenac. On Friday nights, you can watch her performing with the Pommies at football games.

Even after four years of being a Pommie, she still gets nervous before games. She described it as “not a good trait” but said that despite the nerves, she still gets excited to perform for each game.

Kayla danced competitively outside of school until recently. She quit because of a lack of time and the intensity of studio dance.

Despite no longer dancing competitively, Kayla stays busy with school. One of her classes is AP Calculus AB, but she is quick to tell you that she hates math “with a passion.” She also takes AP Biology, which is the class she pays attention to the most. She said her high school teachers made her realize science was her favorite subject and she should consider a career in STEM.

Although academics take up a lot of her time, Kayla said she’s looking forward to the social aspects of senior year. She is excited about college decisions, but also looking forward to homecoming, prom and other traditions she missed out on last year.

Kayla said she feels like “there’s never time to do anything.” Between Pommie practices and performances, homework, college applications, work and her social life, she rarely has a second of downtime. With her busy schedule and insistence that her life is boring, Kayla Bedell continues to be a walking contradiction.