Senior profile: Emelia Pierre


Quinn Millstone

Emelia Pierre will attend Washington University in Saint Louis this fall.

College: Washington University in Saint Louis

Major: Film and Media Studies

In 2021, 84.9% of KHS graduates went on to attend college. Because this path is so common, many see it as a given. Emelia Pierre doesn’t. This fall, Pierre will become the first in her family to attend college.

“College has always been important to me because I’ve seen the opposite end of it and what not going to college can do for you,” Pierre said. “People are still successful [without] going to college, but I feel like it’s easier to get the job I want with a degree.”

Cindy Coronado, KHS gifted specialist, has watched Pierre grow over the past four years. She said that Pierre has demonstrated hard work throughout her time at KHS. 

“She never ceases to amaze me,” Coronado said. “From day one, [she was] super organized and stayed on top of her assignments. Succeeding was always a priority. She never made excuses.”

Imani Noël, senior, has been a close friend of Pierre’s since middle school. She said not only is Pierre diligent and persevering, but also authentic. 

“She’s on top of her schoolwork, or whatever she’s dedicated to,” Noël said. “She has very good time management too, and she always puts in the effort to make things of good quality. And she’s very real and up front with you.”

She never ceases to amaze me.

— Mrs. Coronado

Pierre said her family has been supportive of her academic pursuits in high school as she studied hard to get into college. She said her mother has been especially helpful. 

“My parents are very proud of me,” Pierre said. “They’re going to fully support me because I’m the first one. They’re really proud of me [and are] supporting my college journey.” 

Coronado said Pierre’s achievements are because of her dedication. She said she’s excited to see which path Pierre chooses to follow in her future.

“[Emelia] did what she needed to do, and as a result had a successful four years here at high school,” Coronado said. “I assume [she’s] going to be even more successful during the next four years. She has some amazing opportunities ahead of her.”