Seth Harrell announced as new KHS principal Jan. 24

Dr. Seth Harrell has been announced as the new KHS principal.

Jackson High School Publications

Dr. Seth Harrell has been announced as the new KHS principal.

Dr. Seth Harrell was announced as the new KHS Principal on the morning of Jan. 24. Harrell is currently the principal of Jackson High School (JHS) where he has served since 2016. He will replace KHS Principal Dr. Mike Havener who announced his retirement in November. 


“[I’m] extremely excited,” Harrell said. “This morning went better than I could have ever anticipated. When you have over 100 faculty that you have to tell you’re leaving, that’s tough. I think [JHS] teachers are in a good place, but they’re a little sad they’re gonna have to go through the transition of another principal. But other than that, I’m extremely excited [and] I’ve [fallen] in love with the Kirkwood Community and [KSD]. [I’m] anxious to get into this new role and hope to help contribute to the great things at Kirkwood.”


The KSD news release said Dr. Ulrich thanked everyone involved in the principal interview process, along with saying the interview process showed Harrell to be a “student-centered educator.” The news release also said, Harrell had previously served as principal of Sikeston High School and was a history teacher and coach before becoming the principal of JHS in 2016. 


“[I’m] extremely impressed with the Kirkwood community, district and high school,” Harrell said. “Being able to interact with them in the interview process, it was such a fun group [and] they were very positive. It seemed like they were always smiling and laughing. [The interviews] solidified my belief that this is the best high school position for me, and I’m looking forward to working with those individuals.”


The transition from Havener to Harrell will begin now and end July 1 when Harrell officially becomes principal.