Confessions of a cubs fan


Janine Gassel

The Cubs organization doesn’t get nearly as much respect as they deserve.

Cubs fans are everywhere. Just by reading this, you’re probably thinking of one of us. I think of it as the type of fans who can never get out of everyone’s heads because they always have something to say about us. I understand the rivalry between the Cardinals and the Cubs, but we deserve more respect. After all, Cubs fans are always spotted, whether you like it or not. You’ll notice this at away games, Cubs fans fill half the stadium with donning logo’d t-shirts and hats. Even in St. Louis, when the Cubs come to town, half of the stadium is wearing that gorgeous royal blue and white pinstripe combo. Personally, I think it looks way better than the ugly light blue and red combo that Cardinals fans wear. We all know that while not everyone can rock red, everyone can rock blue. 

There’s nothing better than sticking with a color that you love and look great in. Cubs fans, including myself, are known to stay with their team. Even with our fair share of ups and downs, and the false hope we have felt continuously, they’re still our team: they’re family. 

 Every year since then, the team has held a top five ranking in attendance. I hope this hurts a few Cardinals fans, knowing that the Cubs beat them in the attendance record, because the Cardinals are sitting at number three. As a loyal Cubs fan, I learned to know the players, who have become part of my everyday life, much like most other loyal fans of any team. It’s a two-way street.

 In an interview after returning to Chicago for the first time since he got traded, he told a reporter that he loves the Cubs fans. He stated how he got a tattoo with the Cub logo on his right arm and how special it was to be a part of the organization.  

If this doesn’t show loyalty and how special the Cubs organization is, then I don’t know what will. I haven’t heard of any other players getting a tattoo of their favorite baseball team they’ve played for. This reason alone is why Báez is my favorite player. He not only loves the game and the Cubs, but also the fans that come with it. After my mom and I first heard the news of Javy Báez getting traded, along with Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, we were devastated. It’s heartbreaking to see your favorite players go. Baez said that players from other teams would ask about the Cubs’ fan base because of how many show out to their games. He said that it was very special to be a Cubs player. 

Not only are the Cubs respected by their fans, but a hardcore Cardinals fan too. My teammate’s dad, Lee Cox, dedicated his basement to the Cardinals. Signed jerseys, bases, awards, posters. You name it, he’s got it in his basement. Even as the most prolific Cardinals fan that I know, he has a mini statue of Cubs player Ernie Banks. If you don’t know him, he is regarded as one of the best power hitters to ever play the game 1953-1971. As a part of the Cubs organization, this proves that they deserve respect and shouldn’t get nearly as much trash talk as they do from the Cardinals, specifically.

Not only is Ernie Banks a great representation of how good the Cubs organization is, but so is Ryne Sandberg. He’s a flashy second baseman who has appeared in ten consecutive all-star games and has won nine consecutive Gold Glove Awards. Sandberg is a perfect reflection on how clean our defense is on the dirt. Not only did we have Sandberg, we also have Willson Contreras, a Cubs player for 15 years now. He has played through it all: AA, AAA, and then finally MLB with the Cubs. Due to the organization trying to rebuild their team back towards another World Series Championship, they put Contreras up for trade. Of course, the Cardinals are hunting him down for recruitment with Yadier Molina hanging up his spikes after the 2022 season. 


Rumor has it they’re targeting shortstop Trea Turner from the Los Angeles Dodgers and starting pitcher Carlos Rodón from the San Francisco Giants. Reporters have said that Turner and Rodon will become free agents in the winter and have expressed interest in the Cubs. 

It is clear that the Cubs should get more respect than they have been receiving. With the amount of talent they’ve had in the past, present and hope to gain in the future, they’re a team that should not be overlooked. Instead, everyone should appreciate the Cubs and learn to respect them not only because they have the best fanbase, but because of the talent that comes out of the Cubs organization. Instead, everyone should appreciate the Cubs and learn to respect them not only because they have the best fanbase, but because of the talent that comes out of the Cubs organization.