Fill your feed; Black Lives Matter accounts to follow

As people rushed to post a black square on Tuesday, June 2, the growing need to stay informed and self-educated has become increasingly apparent. Feeds filled with all black screens highlighted those who simply took a one-and-done approach with the black out, set to amplify Black voices, are being increasingly called to be active in the Black Lives Matter movement. Below are some social media accounts that will keep you informed, share ways to take action and challenge you to check your own privilege and learn how to use it.




Art by Emma Frizzell
The STLactivist directs people to places to support the Black Lives Matter movement in STL.

Stay Informed

  • @abolitiongradients: This page defines common phrases, such as “prison abolition,” and describes what allies can do and how progress in the right direction can be made.
  • @TheSlacktivists: This account educates people on the current issues with brief descriptions to make the material digestible, why protesters are demanding certain changes. Such as the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and prisons, while also promoting how to take action.
  • @Stlactivist: The feed on this account is mainly news of what is happening with protests and government officials in the St. Louis area as well as some national news. It also has links to places to donate and calls for change with information about the roots of campaigns such as “Say Her Name.”
  • @Genrisemedia: On this feed you will find information about ways society needs to change, and the Black Lives Matter movement overall. As well as ways people can check their own unintentional racism.
Art by Emma Frizzell
The Stlreentryfund provides support to formerly incarcerated people trying to build a new life.

Sources For Support

  • @STLReentryFund: This page helps raise money for those who were formerly incarcerated so that they can reenter into society. According to their page, in the first three weeks, they raised over $17,000.
  • @Openyrpurse: This account promotes GoFundMe pages and accounts to Venmo for people of color who need financial assistance. Along with each post, they provide  a background of the person who the assistance would be going to.

Hear Their Voice 

  • @bri_chandler_ : On this account, Bri, who works with Sunrise STL, a youth climate activist organization, promotes information about the Black Lives Matter movement, providing people with information about events such as Juneteenth and Blackout Tuesday. 
  • @314khalea: Khalea Edwards, a KHS graduate, posts footage from protests, information on what is happening with city officials and links to ways people can support protestors as well as helpful organizations.
  • @camarynalejandra: On this account, the posts list ways allies can “check their privilege” and support the movement through reeducating themselves. Alejandra also provides her perspective on current issues along with proposed solutions.
  • @Attorneycrump: Trial lawyer Ben Crump posts videos of interactions protestors have had with police where excessive force appears to be used, as well as shares stories that amplify Black voices and stories in the media.

Art by Emma Frizzell





Art by Emma Frizzell
The March STL helps provide resources to protestors.

Ways To Support

  • @FreeThePplSTL: This page is run by a legal support group that provides assistance to those in the St. Louis community in need of legal help, such as protestors who have been detained. According to their page, they help with matters including bail payments and legal resources.
  • @theMARCHstl: This group works to provide support for protestors through fundraising and finding medical care. They have provided assistance for protests such as the “wake up call” action at St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house, where, according to their account, medics assisted 45 people.


Art by Emma Frizzell
St. Louis Post Dispatch photographer Robert Cohen takes photos of the current events happening within the Black Lives Matter movement.

Stay Informed 

  • @kodacohen: Robert Cohen is a photographer from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch who has been documenting protests and events surrounding the movement, such as the continuing development of the protestors’ campout outside of Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house.
  • @CoriBush: This candidate for Congress from Ferguson, Missouri posts information about ongoing protests as well as information regarding the movement.