Turkey Day: New year, new uniforms


Elena Sherwood

The new Pioneer Pride marching band uniforms consist of black pants, a white long-sleeved shirt and a gray, black and white vest.

Under the Friday night lights, the Pioneer Pride marching band has performed in their classic red and black uniforms countless times over the past decade. The band wore black pants, a red and black coat and a white sash. Although the uniforms seemed to be in good condition, they were old, and band members were looking forward to switching their attire for future performances.

“A change needed to be made. We wanted new uniforms, and we needed new uniforms,” Rebecca Friesen, director of the Pioneer Pride Marching Band, said. “Our previous uniforms were [about 13] years old, which is really old for a band uniform. Fortunately, we took really good care of them, so we made them last a long time, but they were starting to fray and fall apart.

Heading into the new school year, the KHS marching band received new uniforms from Demoulin Brothers and Company. The new uniforms are more modern, consisting of black pants, a white long-sleeved shirt and a gray, black and white vest.

“We wanted to make it more comfortable for the students,” Friesen said. “They also have to look good. What [band members] wear on the field might be different than something you would wear for a parade or pep rally.”

Friesen said she wanted the new uniforms to be suitable and flexible for the variable conditions the band plays in. For events like a parade, where it is often hot or humid, band members can wear the uniforms without the vest. According to Mac Key, senior band member, this makes the uniforms much more comfortable.

“I definitely think they’re an upgrade,” Key said. “[The new uniforms are] a lot better quality and much lighter.”

I definitely think they’re an upgrade. [The new uniforms are] a lot better quality and much lighter.

— Mac Key

The band is satisfied with the new uniforms. According to Jack Cannon, junior, the new uniform is better in every way.

“They are much better than the old uniforms,” Cannon said. “ The [new uniforms] are much more breathable because we have dry-fit material underneath instead of a fleece material. The band is happy with how [they] turned out.”