10 Reasons why KHS will win Turkey Day 2021

  1. Another year, another winless Webster season. Not to mention no wins since November 1st 2019.
  2. The Frisco Bell has been in our library for so long, the floor is dented.
  3. Webster plays at Hixson Middle School. When are you going to get turf? It’s 2021.
  4. Kirkwood got a brand new scoreboard. Just in time to run it up against Webster.
  5. Jeremy Maclin head coach.
  6. Hiring our former 2012 state-title winning head coach, Matt Irvin, as principal won’t help break your Turkey Day losing streak.
  7. What even is a Statesman?
  8. Boys soccer, girls volleyball, and field hockey have already beaten Webster this year, time for football to join the party.
  9. Neon Deion and Money Macon have 27 touchdowns combined. Meanwhile, the Webster Football team only has 8.
  10. Webster couldn’t even come up with ten reasons why.