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Football and other sports prohibited from competing

High and moderate frequency contact sports such as football are currently not allowed to compete.
Kate Schreiber and Olivia Silvey September 9, 2020

Football, soccer and other high and moderate frequency contact sports will not see competition for the near future. Student-athletes 14 years and older playing high and moderate frequency contact sports...

KHS announces athletics shutdown through July 24

The annual Friendship Dance between KHS and WGHS has been cancelled.
Kate Schreiber, features and in-depth editor July 19, 2020

Update: KHS football workouts will resume Monday, July 27, according to a tweet by KHS football on Wednesday, July 22. Corey Nesslage, athletics director, said that the goal was to get further removed...

Photo Gallery: athletic signing ceremony Feb. 7

Natalie Bruns, senior, smiles as she is introduced during the ceremony. Bruns  is committed to play basketball at New York University in the fall.
Julia Knoll and Charlotte Heinrich February 11, 2020

The annual Kirkwood High School athletic signing ceremony took place in David Holley Assembly Hall Friday, Feb 7. There were a total of 15 seniors present at the signing, not including senior Jay Maclin,...

Never enough

Never enough
Thomas Birmingham, print editor August 20, 2018

Once golden instruments are now rusted and out of tune. The four practice rooms never seem to be open. Some music stands are so old they can barely bend. Rebecca Friesen, KHS band director, said that...

Just walk it off

Just walk it off
Melanie Witt and Quentin Stepp February 2, 2018

Immediately after school, a long line of athletes from a variety of sports gather in her office waiting for assistance in treating their injuries. KHS athletic trainer Denise Grider’s office is constantly...

Photo gallery: National Signing Day

Tyresse Norris, senior, commits to play football at Missouri Valley College.
Malayna Vines, features writer February 15, 2017

19 KHS seniors participated in National Signing Day while officially committing to play a sport at their college or university Feb. 2. Sadie Wise, senior, committed to play Division 1 softball at Saint...

Behind the scenes of success

Denise Grider, KHS athletic trainer, tapes a student's foot before practice.
Kate Hennessey, sports writer December 7, 2016

The office looks more like an after school hangout rather than a medical office, students lounge on cushioned benches chatting to others while casually waiting to be helped, some students help themselves...

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