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Which fall drink should you try based on your fall aesthetics?

Do you like trying something new or sticking with your classic fall favorites?

Megan Glasgow, features writer

October 23, 2019

As fall rolls around, everyone is eager to grab their pumpkin-flavored favorites they’ve been craving all year. Find out which fall drink you should try based on your other fall favorites!


Grace Klebe, news editor

October 22, 2018

Twelve. She has had 12 cups of coffee a week since 7th grade. She buys the beans from Starbucks and grinds them at home. She drinks it completely black. For Emma Roberts, junior, consuming this much caffeine is a normal routine. “I love coffee,” Roberts said. “That’s one of the first thing...

What coffee will get you on that finals week grind?

What coffee will get you on that finals week grind?

Emma Lingo and Ally Ortmann

December 18, 2017

With finals looming and sleepless nights tallying up, caffeine will become your best friend. While piles upon piles upon piles of study guides teeter over you, coffee will be the only thing keeping you from pulling out your hair. If you are in need of a caffeinated study buddy check out TKC’s take ...

Pioneer perks

Pioneer perks

Izzy Colón, copy editor

October 26, 2017

Dawn Quello, freshman, awaits the 7:30 a.m. opening of the Pioneer Perks coffee shop. Quello, along with around 40 other students per morning arrive to school early to get their hands on a cup of iced coffee before class starts. Frequent visitors of the coffee shop may recognize familiar faces of stud...

Caffeine gives a new kick to your morning cocaine

Caffeine gives a new kick to your morning cocaine

Will Drury, opinions writer

November 30, 2015

  Article adapted from   Countries in South America have been found adding caffeine to cocaine to give it an extra kick and save money. To study the effect this new drug has on the brain, scientists gave samples of both drugs to a group of rats and made them perform...

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