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Photo Gallery: KHS girls JV volleyball vs Lindbergh High School Oct. 8

Colleen Doherty, sophomore, hits the ball.
Sophia Beckmann and Ella Davies October 13, 2020

Kirkwood girls JV volleyball played Lindbergh High School Oct. 8, 2020. Although Kirkwood lost their first set, they came back and won the game with 2-1 set win. When asked how JV could improve their...

Football and other sports prohibited from competing

High and moderate frequency contact sports such as football are currently not allowed to compete.
Kate Schreiber and Olivia Silvey September 9, 2020

Football, soccer and other high and moderate frequency contact sports will not see competition for the near future. Student-athletes 14 years and older playing high and moderate frequency contact sports...

Catching up on me

Depiction of a family wearing medical masks standing outside of their home during the COVID-19 pandemic
Lila Shepard, writer June 5, 2020

    I’m sitting at home with my crazy family. I’ve been stuck here since spring break. This sense of being cooped up is a feeling that many people in quarantine know by now. I had...

Photo Gallery: Kirkwood varsity girls’ volleyball Pink Out Night Oct. 9

The team huddles before starting the second period, preparing to put up a good fight.
Julia Knoll, Annie George, and Sophie Smith October 18, 2019
The Kirkwood girls' volleyball team has raised almost $40,000 for cancer research.

Intramural inclusion

Intramurals are leagues that focus on the enjoyment and community of sports. These need to be implemented at KHS.
Olivia Silvey, opinions writer September 25, 2019
Intramurals are less competitive leagues that focus on enjoying sports. KHS does not offer intramurals, but these leagues should be implemented.

No pain, no gain

No pain, no gain
Thomas Birmingham, in-depth editor November 14, 2017

They don’t want to let their team down. They can’t. To Nina Naes, junior, two broken toes means nothing if she can score just a few more goals. To Abby Gunn, senior, seriously bruising the bone...

Spring superstitions

Spring superstitions
Maisie Bradley, sports writer March 12, 2017

TKC asked eight student-athletes about their off-the-field efforts to ensure a successful spring season. Below are their responses. art by Lizzie Stobbe

Glendale boy goes global

Murphy Troy makes a serve playing for the U.S. in Rio in Aug. 2016.
Hannah Cohen, social media editor October 21, 2016

Beginning his volleyball career in third grade, 8-year-old Murphy Troy, now a U.S. Volleyball Olympian, said he never imagined he would receive a bronze medal. Not just any medal, one that did not only...

Photo gallery: freshman girls’ volleyball vs. Lindbergh

Jenna Schoch, freshman, looks back at the scoreboard as she and her teammates celebrate scoring a point.
Audrey Berns, photographer October 19, 2016

KHS’s freshman volleyball team played Lindbergh Monday, Oct. 10. After two sets, they lost 25-17. “After a loss we learn from it and figure out what we need to work on and do better at the next game,”...

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