Spring sports preview


Jaylon Welch

Baseball gears up alongside all other springs sports in preparation for their seasons

As the snow on KHS baseball and lacrosse fields melts, spring sport athletes and coaches get ready for their upcoming seasons. They share their eagerness and goals for the new season as all of the programs look to bring state titles to KHS.


“I’m really excited. Our seniors have stepped up and shown great leadership,” Scott Weissman, varsity head coach, said “The sky’s the limit.”   

“It’s the last year [for the seniors] and we’re gonna be a good team,” Myles Kruger, senior, said “I’m excited to play again and [I hope] we win lots of games and have fun doing it.” 



“I hope we win a lot, but girls soccer is really competitive right now,” Jane Jensen, senior, said. “We need to work [hard] in practice and get the team chemistry right.”

“[My goal] is for the team to win a district game this year.” Gia Borbonus, senior, said “It’s my first year of high school [that I’ve been able to play because] I’ve been injured every other year.” 


I’m excited to be a captain and help others gain a passion for track and field, get close with the other captains and make new friends this season,” Molly Stevener, senior, said “I have started working on technique and throwing [javelin] earlier this year, so when the official season starts I’ll be ready to compete.”  

“In the 4x800m this year, we’re hoping to finish in the top five in the state,” Griffin Birmingham, junior, said “We have a saying in track, we call it “shared suffering” and I feel like that creates a bond like no other sport.” 


“I want to build bonds with guys I haven’t been around as much,” Jed Holliday, junior, said “My goal for this season is to be an all-state goalie and communicate with my teammates to build everyone up.” 

“We have an opportunity to get back to where we were last year,” Chris Luckett, varsity head coach, said “We lost a lot of key pieces but we retooled in a lot of key places.” 


“I’m excited because it’s going to be my first season as the varsity head coach for the boys. We have some good young players coming back and players that I’ve coached on JV,” Shawn Owens, varsity head coach, said “It’ll be interesting to see how they’ve progressed.” 

“We have a lot of the same guys that have been playing for the last three years so we will definitely keep growing [as a team],” Joey Axelrod, senior, said. “We’ve gotten a lot better since last year and will have a couple guys go to state this year.” 



“I want to show up every day, give full effort and stay positive,” Truman Kuseski, junior, said “I want to improve my game and play at a more competitive level.” 

 “I’m looking forward to the fact that we have a lot of experience coming back from last year and we also have some new players coming in,”  Sam Lhotak, varsity head coach, said. “ I’m excited for that combination of experience but also a lot of youth. The goal is to go .500 and improve from last year.”


“I think we’ll be better than we were last year [and] gonna try to motivate the guys and push them a lot harder.” Luke Kraft, senior, said “I’m [also] gonna try to go out with a bang this year and get every record I can.”

“I’m most excited for the seniors, we’ve had a great group of seniors.” Keith Touzinsky, varsity head coach saidAnd they’re finishing up their four years at KHS and hopefully we send them out with a bang.” 



Leyna Davis, sophomore, said “I’m excited to meet new teammates and have a girls team this year.” Leyna Davis, sophomore, said “ [I hope we] win some games and have a good season.” 

 “I’m really excited to practice and play with the team again since a lot of us swam together and are really close already.”  Andrew Heubner, senior, said “I’m trying to fill the role of Patrick McPheeters, who was our varsity goalie last year and really good at it. I want to be as good as he was.”


“It’s’ senior year, I’m most excited to beat some teams and play [on] senior night.” Emme Bailey, senior, said “I want to focus more on just having fun playing the game and not worry about stats, those will play out on their own.” 

 “I hope that as a team, we can do better than we did last year.” Allison Schmidt, junior, said “I also hope that we will learn how to work better as a team. I’m just excited to get to play the sport I love and play with all my teammates.”