Fall sports preview


Ava McGovern

As fall sports begin on campus, expect more nights like this as your Pioneers compete.


With the start of school comes the start of KHS fall sports. After many months of preparation, TKC spoke with a senior athlete from each sport about their upcoming season. Included are the first three home contests, except for boys’ and girls’ cross country who competes against other schools off-campus.


Boys’ Cross Country – Mick Collier, senior 

“One word I would use for the team is ‘grit.’ Cross country teaches you a lot of important life lessons. Just being there alone, listening to footsteps, breathing and your own heartbeat is maddening. You not only learn how to persevere through a 5K, but how to persevere through challenges thrown at you in your future. I appreciate that I get that through a sport.”




Girls’ Cross Country – Shelby Bolser, senior 

“Running is kind of addicting. There is some part of it that is freeing and lets you get away from all the craziness that is happening and focus on what is in front of you. You just find an outlet through the people around you. It is sad to know this is the last time the seniors will be running, so we need to put forward our best effort and finish the year off strong.”




Field Hockey – Hallie Pack, senior

“I started playing field hockey freshman year [with] no experience and now it is my favorite sport ever. The girls on the team are more like my sisters than my teammates. I’m sad this is my senior season and don’t want it to end, but I am excited to get to play with them again and have fun with it.”





Football – Jadon Miller, senior

“One word I would use to describe the team is dedicated. This entire summer we have been grinding and working hard day in and day out. We can’t wait for the season to start because we want to prove we have been working hard and we deserve to win this year.”





Girls’ Golf – Jane Jensen, senior

“I haven’t had a reality check that it is senior year yet, but I’m sad because it is only my second year playing and I wished I would have played more. The girls and the coach are really what make it fun. We are like a sorority and call ourselves Kappa Kappa Golf. We are all super excited for the season.”





Boys’ Soccer – Diego Cabrera, senior

“The best part about soccer is being a part of a team and all the connections you make with your teammates. They’re all really great players and we have potential to do great things, but it is going to be a fight. I’m just excited to play for them this season.”





Softball – Allie Friar, senior

“My favorite part about softball is that it is a team sport, and although we have different skills I think it is really cool how it all comes together. We have really good chemistry which is going to bring us together on and off the field. It is going to be a good last season and I am excited to play with everyone, especially the freshmen.”




Boys’ Swimming – Andrew Huebner, senior

“We have had very special teams every year I have been here, and this year is no different. Everyone is a varsity-level athlete and gives a varsity-level effort. You work through everything as a team and everyone is determined to work hard. We all have the same goal in mind.”




Girls’ Tennis – Leah Broll, senior

“My favorite part about tennis is that it is an individual sport so the main person you are competing against is yourself. But at the same time it is a team sport and you have a bunch of people supporting you. There is a range of first time players to people who have been playing since they were kids. We’re like a family and everyone just encourages each other and has fun.”



Girls’ Volleyball – Margaret Mallow, senior

“We lost a lot of seniors last year and pretty much our entire starting lineup, but we have a lot of potential. In volleyball, attitude makes all the difference, and already there is a huge difference in the energy on the court. I am really excited to get to play with all the other seniors and have one last dance.”