Senior profile: Solomon Leach


Coco LeGrand

Art by Elena Sherwood. Ever since teaching himself how to code, Solomon Leach has loved technology and hopes to bring that passion into his college and career choice.

An episode of “The Flash” plays on a newly set up TV. His Savers uniform sits folded on the counter. On the bright computer, lines of code flash across the screen — complex strings of numbers and letters seemingly impossible to decipher. But Solomon Leach does just that.

“I love technology,” Leach said. “I love helping people with technology, trying to figure out everything new. I help my friends and my mom. I know how to code a little bit  — I’m self taught.”

Leach plans to major in computer engineering and hopes to work as an IT specialist to pursue his passion for technology. When he’s not teaching himself how to code, Leach works at Savers, keeps up with “The Flash” on Netflix and enjoys swimming and art classes at KHS.

He particularly liked his freshman year drawing class, thanks to his teacher, Leslie Benben. He said she helped him fit in and adjust to high school, along with improving his drawing skills. For Benben, it was less about art and more about getting to know Leach and establishing a connection with him.

“I love technology. I love helping people with technology, trying to figure out everything new. I help my friends and my mom.

— Solomon Leach

“Solomon really thrives when he has good relationships and knows the people he’s with,” Benben said. “He’s a neat kid, and we enjoy talking to each other. I could tell he needed that safe place where he knew he wasn’t judged by me. He always worked really hard.”

Another relationship Leach will remember after graduation is the first friend he made in Kirkwood, Dylan Burris, senior. Leach and Burris became instant friends after sitting next to each other in their fifth grade class. Though they don’t have any high school classes together, the two have remained friends.

“[Solomon is] definitely a caring, sweet guy,” Burris said. “He’s really accepting of all people. He loves to go out of his way for people and likes to put a lot of effort into his friendships. I know his friendships are really important to him, so he’s always been a great friend.”