Senior profile: Caroline Teepe


Lawrence McKee

Art by Maddy Rehkop. Caroline Teepe, senior, will be participating in the Super Senior Life Skills program through the Special School District.

Like many seniors, Caroline Teepe loves KHS pep rallies. When the band plays “Sweet Caroline,” she knows all the words. But unlike many, after Caroline crosses the stage alongside her peers, she will stay at KHS for two more years — until she turns 21.

Caroline will be participating in the Super Senior Life Skills program through the Special School District. Tami Melton, special education teacher, said that Caroline is on the Volunteer Pathway within the program.

“She is working at becoming the best community member she can, to work out in the system and to be able to go out in public and do things in a more natural environment,” Melton said. “That’s one of our pieces [of the program].” 

In the past, Caroline has volunteered at the Magic House: cleaning tables, setting up the café and creating bags for elementary school field trips. When she’s at KHS, Melton said that some of Caroline’s favorite things have been Friday Night Lights and Circle of Friends. 

“She was one of the main reasons why I had to get more people involved [with Circle of Friends],” Melton said. “That was where she flourished because she was able to be with peers [where] it’s okay to be silly, it’s okay to sing – and she was a big part of that.”

Janel Larson, special education para educator, has worked with Caroline throughout her years at KHS. Both her and Melton said that Caroline also enjoys spending time with family. 

“She loves her family,” Larson said. “They used to – before COVID – go to Duffy’s every Friday night and have spinach artichoke dip and salad.”

Melton said Caroline has grown over her time at KHS. Both Melton and Marie Teepe, Caroline’s mom, said she loves KHS and the community that she has in her friends, teachers and paras. 

“She just likes to be involved with things. She likes to be part of the community,” Marie said. “Anytime there’s a parade or a pep rally or anything with school spirit, she gets really excited. She wants to cheer, she wants to yell, she wants to fight for her team.”