Q&A with Abbi Weston


Ella Davies

Abbi Weston, junior, started to play video games at the age of 10.

Abbi Weston, junior, shares how she became interested in gaming. Tami Lemcke, Abbi’s mom, also gave an opinion on her daughter’s hobby. 


TKC: What are your hobbies and recent interests?

AW: Mostly just gaming and reading.


TKC: What kind of games do you like to play?

AW: Open world and role playing games. 


TKC: When did you get into video games?

AW: I started playing when I was young when [we] had DS’s. I got my first game [when I was] 10 [years old]. [Before that] I used to play my brother’s games.


TKC: Do you think COVD-19 impacted how much you game?

AW: I would say it didn’t impact it. I would play [games] a lot [during the day,] instead of going to school and then only playing for a couple of hours [at night].


TKC: Any favorite memories through video games?

AW: Competing with family members and my brother. My brother is 20 [years old].


Abbi Weston’s mom, Tami Lemcke, gives a perspective on her daughter’s interest in gaming. 


TKC: When did Abbi start playing video games?

TL: She was little.[The games she played] weren’t Mario or anything like that, they were little learning games, and then probably in kindergarten she got a DS and started playing Mario and then went on to Minecraft.”


TKC: Did her playing increase over quarantine?

TL: It definitely increased because there was a lot of time where you could go and do anything. She would spend a lot of time on the switch playing Animal Crossing and on her phone playing Minecraft.


TKC: Do you find any positives or negatives of her gaming?

TL: [Gaming] makes you more creative. She gets to build different things and different worlds. Although, there are a lot of times where she doesn’t want to do anything else but play video games.