KSD accused of discrimination, lack of due process in community petition


Mason Heller

Bryan Freeman being congratulated by the BOE during the March 27th meeting.

An anonymous user published a petition to change.org accusing Kirkwood School District (KSD) of discrimination against transgender and non-binary educators at Keysor Elementary School, last updated Friday, March 31. 

The petition, which asks users to pledge their support for the educators mentioned in the petition, accused KSD of refusing to provide due process when investigating a complaint into a non-binary substitute teacher. The petition was updated on Friday to allege that the teacher had been fired. KSD did not respond to requests for comment on whether or not this teacher would be reinstated. 

The petition makes several accusations on whether or not teachers would be allowed to discuss their gender identity with students. The petition also accuses the district of disciplining teachers who discuss their gender identity with students. 

Allegedly, the district also created a policy at Keysor that would require teachers to report any student talking about their gender identity to the principal. The principal would email home to ask for approval on whether or not the school could counsel the student, according to the petition. 

Lastly, the petition also accuses the district of prohibiting non-binary and transgender teachers from interacting with students without 24 hour notice to parents. 

None of these allegations have been substantiated, nor has KSD responded to requests for comment on the petition. 


*This story will be updated as it develops.