Weapon reported in car on KHS campus, found to be airsoft gun


De Lila Green

A weapon was reported in the Dougherty Ferry parking lot on Nov. 10.

A car exiting the Dougherty Ferry parking lot with several students inside was reported to have contained a gun at the end of the school day on Nov. 10. KSD and Kirkwood law enforcement conducted an investigation the morning of Nov. 11.

“We did an investigation this morning finding the [reported] vehicle and gun,” Dr. Havener, KHS principal, said. “It turned out to be an airsoft gun, and we are working with the individuals involved now. It was not a real gun, it was an airsoft gun.”

Havener said there was no threat to the students or school. However, KSD administration is taking the situation very seriously, regardless of the type of gun. All reports related to guns in KSD are immediately reported to the Kirkwood Police Department during the investigation process. The students involved will face internal discipline from KDS, following district procedures. They will not face criminal charges because the gun was not a real firearm. 

It was not a real gun, it was an airsoft gun.

— Dr. Havener

“We handle even toy guns and toy weapons in a very serious way and [at the] highest level possible,” Havener said. “I would encourage students to continue to report anything that seems unusual. If you see it, say something.”

TKC will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.