KHS unarmed intruder arrested Nov. 2


Annie George

An unidentified adult man trespassed on the KHS campus at 7:20 a.m., Nov. 2.

An unidentified adult male trespassed on the KHS campus at 7:20 a.m., Nov. 2. He entered through the Essex entrance and walked to the north science building before being escorted by the KHS Resource Officer, Jeremy Johnson, to the Essex parking lot, where he was searched and arrested. 

According to KHS Principal Dr. Mike Havener, the search for the suspect took minutes. It ended with the individual being arrested for trespassing and possible other charges within the community.

It was determined that the man had no illegal substances or weapons on him at the time of arrest. However, according to Havener, he was also escorted off campus the previous day after wandering through the Dougherty Ferry parking lot and talking to KHS students. There were other officers on campus that transported the suspect off campus to the local police station following his arrest. 

As of now, there is no known threat to KHS. According to Havener, commentary from the individual had no clear message and was not aimed directly at students. There will be an intruder drill Wednesday, Nov. 3 at the end of second period as previously scheduled, which will include further precautions to prepare students and faculty for incidents like this during school hours. 

Havener reassures students who felt unsafe this morning that the administration continues to take measures that protect students and faculty. 

“Communicate [with faculty], know what to do in the case of an intruder and know that [the administration] would be very vocal in telling [students] the situation,” Havener said. “We are always reviewing and trying to get better. We don’t want to have an incident to get better. We are definitely safer now than we were [when the KSDK incident occurred] and hopefully [tomorrow’s drill will make us] even more safe.”

TKC is waiting for a response from School Resource Officer Jeremy Johnson and will continue to update this story as it develops.