Carson Anderson, Quentin Stepp, Vivian Kutheis



“We are just getting into the empty nesting. Our Kids are just moving out. We have three kids. Two are in college. They are coming home (this week). Gracie is coming home Thursday, David is coming home next week, and Patrick lives in town. It’s a tough adjustment and I don’t think kids know tough it is. It’s bitter-sweet you know, if moms and dads do their job right their kids will go off and be independent, at the same time they have been dependent and they have needed you and you need them. but It’s hard because if you do your job well your kids leave you. That doesn’t seem right, but that’s the way life is. Family is most important but it is tough at times.”

-David Olderman


“I think it has made me very independent; I was never afraid to do anything.” Muller said when talking about her older brothers. “I went out and did my own thing, I went to different countries all by myself and never felt fear or anxiety.”

– Gina Muller


“[There is a] huge difference between Springfield and Kirkwood. Springfield is a nice town but people in Springfield don’t really stay with the old homes and keep them up so they keep moving and it just spreads out whereas in Kirkwood, with the exception of some new homes that are being built right here, people really take care of this old community and kind of honor the the whole community and the traditions of it and that’s huge. My kids don’t live in Kirkwood anymore but they still feel really grounded here.”

-Pam Hufford