Worst 5 of Summer 2014

Worst 5 of Summer 2014

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

Trevor Cleveland, blog editor

As the summer comes to a close, people often focus on the best of what happened. However, in the spirit of cynicism, there is some merit in remembering the not-so-wonderful events of the summer.

1.Transformers 4– Just when everyone thought it couldn’t get any worse, the downward spiral that is the Transformers series continued its descent into a disappointing grab for money. Earning the second lowest rating since “Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen”from 2009, it seems Michael Bay just doesn’t know when to quit. But after making $92.5 million in the box-offices, it appears the general public retains some hope for a turnaround fifth movie.

2. USA Losing To Belgium– Reaching the semi-finals in this year’s World Cup, the United States soccer team had a genuine opportunity to surpass their third place record in 1930 during the 1st World Cup. As history has it, in the team’s 10 World Cup appearances, they usually don’t make it past the first round. So to be knocked out by Belgium suddenly killed all of the excitement that the nation had built up. However, having crushed all previous expectations, the team is anticipated to continue to grow in the coming years.

3. Iggy Azalea “Work”– What can music fans say about most Iggy Azalea songs? Most of her songs come off as annoying or unnecessarily repetitive, and one of her summer hits, “Work,” is no exception. The music video makes hardly any sense either. One moment she’s rapping about how she’s “working on her s***”, and the next moment she’s doing a lapdance on some guy in a bar, stealing his car keys and driving off into the sunset with two unnamed girls. Looking back now, all of her songs follow the same routine: sing/rap about money and “the struggle,” show a portion of the video of her walking, then have everyone dance together as the song comes together in a confusing yet terribly catchy climax.

4. Paul George’s Leg Injury– Just when the world of basketball was finally recovering from the Kevin Ware incident on  March 31, 2013 during the Duke-Louisville NCAA regional final, Paul George suffered a horrific injury during a USA Basketball scrimmage. While coming down from an attempted block, George’s leg landed in an awkward angle as it was caught on the base of the hoop (which happened to be too close to the end line according to NBA standards), causing fractures in the tibia and fibula bones. George continues to receive support as he goes through the recovery process.

5. Sharknado 2– The Sci-Fi channel struck again with another ridiculous movie about large animals eating people. The concept for “Sharknado 2” is almost as ridiculous as other movies of its type such as “Avalanche Shark” and “Sand Sharks” not to mention “Swamp Sharks.” The rules of nature no longer apply to Sci-Fi movies. They never have, and they possibly never will.