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Here are the top five fashion fads for this summer.

Style of summer

Ava Tebo, web editor September 18, 2023

The sticky days of summer may have winded to an end, but the trends that have developed over those few months are far from over. From flowy fabrics to romantic rosettes, trends evolving to fit the warm...

This summer has been accompanied by the release of highly-anticipated blockbusters. As a result, I’ve spent my free time trying to get the best deals on tickets and score good seats at the cinema. Below are my (spoilery) reviews.

Summer on the big screen

Khadija Khan, Editor-in-chief September 18, 2023

Dr. Harrell is eager to become a part of the Kirkwood community.

In our Harrell era

Avery Haden, news writer August 30, 2023

With a warm smile and friendly fist bumps, Dr. Seth Harrell greets the students of Jackson High School (JHS) as they enter the halls and begin their day. He pops into classrooms, taking in his surroundings...

At some point in your first year at KHS, you may make eye contact with some junior you share an extracurricular with.

Dear freshmen

Alli Luth, social media editor August 30, 2023

* This piece is (mostly) satirical The class of 2027 has arrived at KHS, showing up en masse from minivans in the drop-off lane. At least one of you scrolled through TikTok for advice on your freshman...

Learn more about your KHS principals for the upcoming school year.

Getting to know your principals

Ian Reno, news editor August 25, 2022

Dr. Mike Havener - KHS principal 29 years at Kirkwood Dream Lunch: A quiet place to enjoy a meal Favorite Subject: Business Hobbies: Walking What person or event has shaped you the most? “My...

Over the summer, the US Supreme Court struck down on the historic Roe v. Wade court case reversing nearly half a century of precedent.

Roe v. Wade

Kinley Bokermann, Sim Khanuja, and Caroline Steidley August 24, 2022

A timeline of abortion in America: 1821: Connecticut passes the first law in the United States to restrict abortion. It prohibits the use of poison to cause a miscarriage after “quickening” (when...

This image describes the freshman welcome that happens on the first day of school.

Top five Kirkwood traditions

Nicholas Copeland, sports writer August 24, 2022

The first steps into KHS can be intimidating. From the swarms of people in the social studies hallway, the homework teachers pile on, to cramming for finals you should’ve studied for long before. However,...

Whether you realize it or not, coding is important to many aspects of technology today.

Clubs you didn’t know existed

Ava Tebo, web editor August 23, 2022

KHS is home to over 50 clubs for students interested in different academics, hobbies and sports. It is not necessarily easy to find your niche right away, despite how quick some students find activities...

As fall sports begin on campus, expect more nights like this as your Pioneers compete.

Fall sports preview

Kinley Bokermann, editor-in-chief August 23, 2022

  With the start of school comes the start of KHS fall sports. After many months of preparation, TKC spoke with a senior athlete from each sport about their upcoming season. Included are the first...

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