Top five Kirkwood traditions


Morgan Hooker

This image describes the freshman welcome that happens on the first day of school.

The first steps into KHS can be intimidating. From the swarms of people in the social studies hallway, the homework teachers pile on, to cramming for finals you should’ve studied for long before. However, you soon will realize that it is a welcoming community that has many traditions. From songs, to weekly football games to even the first day of school.


Number five- The Freshman Welcome 

As freshmen walk up to KHS on the first day of school, they are swarmed by a giant crowd of seniors as they are mobbed with applause and encouragement. This “warm” welcome into KHS makes a nerve-wracking day for freshmen a little bit easier.


This image describes the Chili Bowl where local restaurants bring in their best chilis to be ranked. (Morgan Hooker)

Number four- Chili Bowl

The Chili Bowl takes place before the pep rally and bonfire during the week leading up to Turkey Day. Local restaurants bring their best chili to the KHS cafeteria to be ranked by the community. The winner from both Kirkwood and Webster’s Chili Bowl then battle in a “Chili-off” on Turkey Day. This brings together both communities, and who doesn’t love chili?



This image describes Unified Night Lights where disabled children play with Kirkwood Varsity Football players. (Morgan Hooker)

Number three- Unified Night Lights

Unified Night Lights is a community event that KHS has been hosting since 2016. Students with disabilities compete in a football game alongside KHS varsity football players. The night also includes cheerleader, pommie and band performances. Unified Night Lights is special because it gives them a chance to feel the support of Kirkwood as a whole, all while having fun with the players that they look up to.



This image describes the hallway decorating that is done every year. (Morgan Hooker)


Number two- Turkey Day Hallway decorating

The day before Thanksgiving break every year, each grade decorates a hallway in accordance with a theme varying from Phineas and Ferb to Mario Kart. Students involved stay after school the night before and work together to construct their respective hallways. Before school starts the next day, the hallways are open for the public to walk through. After everyone has walked through the hallways, there is a vote to decide which class has the best hallway. It is always a great surprise when the seniors win. Every year, students go above and beyond to execute the theme in the best way possible, even if that means getting a car in the school.


Number one- Turkey Day

This image describes the Turkey Day Game between Webster and Kirkwood. (Morgan Hooker)

The annual Turkey Day game on Thanksgiving is the ultimate rivalry between the Kirkwood and Webster communities. It is the most anticipated game and both sides have been waiting all season for this matchup. Each year the venue switches between KHS and Webster. This year fans will gather at Moss Field to cheer on their team. The winning school gets to keep the Frisco Bell until next year. This year, KHS looks to keep the bell in the library for the tenth-straight year. This has been a tradition for over 124 years and always lives up to the hype.