Clubs you didn’t know existed

KHS is home to over 50 clubs for students interested in different academics, hobbies and sports. It is not necessarily easy to find your niche right away, despite how quick some students find activities they are enthusiastic about. Don’t fear, there are various clubs that you didn’t even know existed. All of the listed clubs and more will be featured at the activities fair on Aug. 28 at 6 p.m.

Coding Club:

Whether you realize it or not, coding is important to many aspects of technology today. Making this practice a hobby is encouraged within the walls of KHS. Coding Club, sponsored by Santee Nixon, practices all facets of technology and works to strengthen each members’ coding skills. Kat Crawford,  junior, president of both Coding and Equations club, is enthusiastic about all experience levels joining the club.

“[Coding club] is a community of like-minded individuals with similar interests,” Crawford said. If you’re new to coding you can come and learn how to code from people who have more experience, and if you already have experience you have an opportunity to further your skills.

If you would like to get involved in STEM activities, Coding Club would be the perfect fit. Email Santee Nixon at [email protected] if you are interested in joining.


Fashion Club:

Pop culture, history and even your friends and classmates all have been influenced by fashion. If international design, high fashion or outfits you see everyday grab your interest, then Fashion Club may be for you. Sponsors Amanda Roberts and Julia Johnson, family and consumer science teachers, focus on discussing trends and designing. They create a home for all style fanatics. Anna McGinnis, junior, president of Fashion club, said that being a part of the club was more than simply designing, but also helping other members develop their passions. 

“[Fashion club] is a great chance to find people who have the same interests as you and make new friends,” McGinnis said. “Whether you know a lot about fashion or not, it’s a great chance to learn something new and meet new people.”

If you are intent on joining, their instagram handle is @khsfashionclub2022.


Kirkwood Service Group:

Not only are service hours required to join groups such as the National Honors Society, but getting involved with your community is also a rewarding experience. Sponsored by Jeff Gutjahr and Emily Werner, Kirkwood Service Group focuses on missions, such as blood drives and donations for others. Fulfilling both service hours and improving future opportunities are not the only aspects included in Kirkwood Service Group, but purpose and friendship, as well. Sophie Key, senior, member of Kirkwood Service Group, was driven to join Kirkwood Service Group to give back to others.

“Giving back to my community and helping others inspires me to be a part of Kirkwood Service Group,” Key said.

If you are interested in joining Kirkwood Service Group, reach out to their instagram @kirkwood_ksg