The Kirkwood Call

McDowell makes a turn around

Michael Toigo

October 5, 2010

A 6 foot 4 inch flash of red and white mesh hustles down the hardwood floor of the Varsity Gymnasium, stops on a dime about 2 feet before the three-point line and steps into a pass, left foot then right. He jumps, toes pointed straight down and follows through with perfect form as if he were placing...

Mehan plays in first varsity field hockey game

Johnny Frohlichstein

October 4, 2010

It was far beyond a normal senior night for Grace Mehan, a senior field hockey player. Mehan, who is a four-year member of the field hockey C-team, finally got her chance to be a star. With roughly five minutes remaining in the game and a 3-0 lead for the Pioneers against Parkway West, Grace got to play...

Fantasy Football atracts big crowds

Danny Gray

October 1, 2010

With 27 million people playing in 2010 and an entire show dedicated to it on ESPN, fantasy football is a growing trend among football fanatics. Some of the faculty members around KHS are notorious for their addiction to the game. Max Zofness and Mark Pessoni, special education teachers, and Shawn...

Wrestling team helps field hockey tap out competition

Drew Morris

October 1, 2010

Senior wrestlers David Bauer and Scott Mackenzie decided they need to gather fans to come to their wrestling meets in the winter. They came up with the idea of cheering in a fan section at another sports event. Not football. Not boys’ soccer. But field hockey. “[The wrestlers] really went out of...

Little League World Series: Dream on

Michael Toigo and Michael Toigo

September 23, 2010

There is one thing every boy dreams of before he even hits puberty. No, it’s not college, not his wedding day, not even his first kiss. It’s playing in the MLB. So let these kids keep on dreaming. Sure, the Little League World Series does provide an early chance for 12-year-olds to show off their...

The Little League World Series is worth it

Myles Artis, Myles Artis, and Myles Artis

September 22, 2010

     Williamsport, PA, a place where hardworking 12-year-olds dream to become champions of the world. They prepare all year for the opportunity to play on the green, well-kept fields at Williamsport. Personally, I like watching the Little League World Series on ESPN. The exciting plays, the unexpected...

One big, happy family, but where is the love?

Katie Just

September 22, 2010

We are still here. Waiting to be noticed. Competing with football, soccer, field hockey and many other fall sports. We are the girls’ softball team, and contrary to popular belief we are still competing. We practice just as hard as any other team here and have as many as five games in one week....

Little League Baseball? Please, no.

Drew Morris

September 22, 2010

In 2006, I was flipping through the channels at home trying to watch some quality television. So far, just Martha Stewart’s food show, another show with Drew Carey and annoying soap opera shows.  Seriously, Spongebob was not even on. That shows how sad day time programs were that day. Well, until...

Varsity swimmers quit team to do club swimming

Danny Gray

September 21, 2010

For Varsity swimmers Max Alander and Billy Fries, giving up a year of high school swimming is a risk they are willing to take. Alander and Fries, juniors, have decided not to swim for KHS this season in order to improve their times in specific races. “In high school you don’t swim anything...

Raindances, rabbits’ feet and ribbons: what’s your ritual?

Michael McHugh, Michael McHugh, Michael McHugh, Michael McHugh, Michael McHugh, Michael McHugh, Michael McHugh, Michael McHugh, Michael McHugh, Michael McHugh, and Michael McHugh

September 15, 2010

Football The familiar ring of the KHS alma mater has been echoing throughout KHS athletic complexes for years. These traditional renditions are known and sung by all students of KHS for many different occasions. Recently, a newer version has begun to fill the air. This version has the sa...

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