Photo Gallery: Kirkwood falls to Francis Howell in varsity football

Kirkwood High School faced Francis Howell in a varsity football game at Howell’s home field in Weldon Spring, MO Sept. 6. Francis Howell held a First Responders Night ceremony to honor veterans and currently enlisted soldiers. Kirkwood fell 24-14 to Francis Howell.

“Overall, I’d say we didn’t play as good as a team as we could have,” David Melby, sophomore, said. “We had a lot of missed opportunities and as a guy in the sideline, overall our morale was low. As a player, it was really frustrating to see my team play at a level I knew was way below what we are at. I think going forward it will end up to serve us as an example to show us we won’t win if we don’t work. I will say it was a frustrating game and I think we need to iron out a lot of things. But overall, I think by the end of the season you’re going to be seeing a lot better of a team playing a lot better of a game. Hopefully at state.”