Photo gallery: band concert 2/28/19

Mia Alexander and Morgan Gindler

KHS band performed a concert Feb. 28. The end-of-winter performance showcased the concert, symphonic and wind ensemble bands. Each section performed 2-3 pieces of music.

“[This] was one of our better performances, but of course we could have done better,” Phebe Hammond, sophomore, said. “Marching band season [is] better, but all of the competitions like getting to go to state and trying out [make concert band season more enjoyable].”

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  • Phebe Hammond, sophomore, looks to the audience whilst applauding after a performance.

  • Leo Barton, sophomore, plays his french horn.

  • Julia Pitz, sophomore, plays her clarinet during the band’s final performance.

  • Mrs. Friesen speaks to the audience between songs.

  • Will Blackmore and Devin Morgan, sophomores, play their flutes during a woodwind performance.

  • Brandon Vahn, freshman, patiently waits to play his instrument.

  • Kelsey Loving, sophomore, plays her flute.

  • A group of KHS band members play their clarinets.

  • Brandon Vahn, freshman, plays his clarinet while reading his sheet music.

  • Ava Duggin, freshman, plays her saxophone.

  • Hana Nouiery, junior, plays her instrument during the band concert.

  • Helena Weber, freshman, plays her bassoon.

  • A KHS band member waits to perform.

  • Spencer Kates, junior, flips his music sheet during a performance.

  • KHS woodwind band members perform a song.

  • Izzy Mostek, sophomore, plays her clarinet.

  • Doug Glasgow, senior, plays his tuba.

  • Will Montgomery, sophomore, plays his saxophone.

  • KHS band plays a song during the band concert.

  • Isabella Knopfel, freshman, focuses on her sheet music as she plays her instrument.

  • Nathan Hopkins, sophomore, plays his tuba.

  • KHS band members play their flutes.

  • Phebe Hammond, sophomore, plays her clarinet at the band concert.

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