Hallway playlist

The minute the bell rings for passing period, it’s time to pop your AirPods in and drown out the noise of the hallways. Listening to the same 20 songs can get boring, so TKC asked students for some of the best songs on their playlist.

Cecilia Hoganson, freshman: Getaway Car – Taylor Swift

Kerry Dong, junior: Thunder – Imagine Dragons

Mara Mueller, junior: Save That Shit – Lil Peep

Colleen Doherty, senior: Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse 

Sydney Reinbold, senior: Bluebird – Miranda Lambert 

TK Bernsen, junior: Cover Me Up – Morgan Wallen

 Maddie Rowan, senior: Down In Atlanta – Travis Scott & Pharrell Williams 

Rob Mueller, sophomore: Adrenaline – iivrson