KHS Weekly Update 10/27/21 – Intruder drill, football tickets, Friendship Dance


KHS department chairs met to discuss the upcoming week on Wednesday, October 16.


Intruder Drill: There will be an intruder drill Wednesday, Nov. 3 at the end of second hour. The drill will begin with alerts over the P.A. system. Staff and students will practice an enhanced lockdown, which includes barricading doors and gathering defensive materials. Staff will be moving throughout the building to check each classroom. Kirkwood Police officers will also be on campus to evaluate the drill.


Football Tickets: No tickets will be sold at the football game at De Smet on Friday, Oct 29. Students who plan to attend must purchase their tickets in advance at for $6.50. 


Friendship Dance Tickets: Teachers are not allowed to let students leave class early to purchase Friendships Dance tickets. Lines are being limited during lunch periods. Students with holds, fines, overdue library books or detentions will not be able to purchase tickets