BOE discusses implementation of mask-recommended policy, approves laptop refresh purchase, reviews curriculum and library media


Josie Baker

On February 9, the BOE discussed the Safe Return to School plan, new laptops, curriculum and library media.

KSD superintendent, Dr. David Ulrich, said if numbers of COVID cases are lowering and look safe, KSD would move back to implementing a mask-recommended environment no sooner than Tuesday, Feb. 22, at the Feb. 9 KSD Board of Education meeting.

The KSD Board of Education rescheduled their work session from Monday, Feb. 7, to Wednesday, Feb. 9 to ensure technology issues wouldn’t interrupt the live meeting. In this meeting, the BOE approved the Safe Return to School plan and Laptop Refresh purchase, while discussing district curriculum selection and library media processes. 

Mike Romay, KSD chief financial officer, outlined the purchase and Apple lease agreement, which was later approved by the BOE. This purchase includes new Macbook Airs for all high school students, teachers, administration and Special School District (SSD) personnel, as well as four years of Apple care for the laptops. Laptop cases will also be given to each high school student and 150 laptop cases will be given to staff upon request.  

The continuation of the current mitigation standards for COVID-19 as described in the Safe Return to School Plan were also approved by the BOE. These standards were first presented June 14, 2021 and include wearing masks indoors. Dr. Ulrich, KSD superintendent, also wanted the BOE to be aware of the next steps for mask use at KSD. By using a data-driven approach and advice from health professionals, Ulrich described a future mask-recommended environment for KSD as long as conditions are safe. 

Dr. Bryan Painter, KSD assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, spoke on the current curriculum selection processes in the district. He stated the BOE is responsible for the selection and facilitation of informational material. The BOE aims to align informational selection policies with other districts while adding guidelines and informing teachers on how material for class should be chosen, he said. 

Following the information and curriculum discussion, Dr. Painter proceeded to lead the discussion on the status of library media processes. No changes were made as of the meeting, but the BOE is open to changes in the future. The BOE stated that librarians’ voices were heard in the discussion, and reviewed the standards of library media materials. Age restrictions and recommendations were addressed, as well as book lists for English classes in school.