KHS clubs preview

KHS offers over 40 clubs for interests in athletics, academics and hobbies. Students can sign up for clubs and other events at the KHS activities fair Thursday, August 26 at 5:30 p.m. before the pep rally in the Denver Miller gym. Read about three of these clubs and a complete list below.

Waffle Club:

New to KHS this year, Waffle Club meets Friday mornings to socialize and eat waffles. (Kain Stobbe)

New to KHS this year, Waffle Club plans to meet Friday mornings before school to make and eat waffles, play games and socialize. Hannah Banks and Lainey Hogg, co-presidents, founders and seniors, started the club as a way to hang out with their friends and add fun to their senior year.

“I’m excited to have something fun as an extracurricular that I can look forward to in the mornings,” Hogg said. “It’s just a nice start to your day.”

Students interested in joining should fill out the Google Form in the bio of the club’s Instagram page, @khs_waffle_club, or sign up at the activities fair. Hogg said she is looking forward to planning meetings and games for the club so everyone can share the joy of waffles with her and her friends.

“Hannah and I really liked making waffles in SJ (South Journalism building) toward the end of the year because it was fun and yummy,” Hogg said. “We thought we’d share our love for waffles with everyone and make a club out of it.”



Med Vet Club allows students to learn about anatomy and medicine in a hands-on setting. (Kain Stobbe)

Med-Vet Club:

Med-Vet Club gives students the opportunity to dissect hearts and eyeballs, practice suturing on bananas and learn more about health science and biology in a casual, hands-on setting. The club’s monthly meetings in the science building are open to all KHS students and always provide new activities for students pursuing health or veterinary careers, or anyone interested in learning more about the human body and animals.

Some of the club’s most memorable events, according to Ms. Linda Dubis, club sponsor, were simulating MRIs by cutting apart human-shaped gelatin and decorating gingerbread cookies to look like an accurate representation of the skeletal system. The club also plans to go on field trips such as touring animal hospitals and shadowing doctors. Dubis said the club is a perfect way for students to learn more about health science outside of a classroom setting.

“My favorite part is seeing students excited about learning about the human body, that they’re genuinely excited about learning something specific,” Dubis said. “It’s nice that they’re not worried about a grade or an assignment — they’re just doing it for the learning and they have fun doing it.”



The KHS Mock Trial club won the state championship and placed seventh in nationals last year.

Mock Trial:

Reigning state champions, the KHS Mock Trial team is always accepting new members interested in anything from acting and debate to law and writing. Along with the state title, the team placed seventh in last year’s national competition. They mimic a real courtroom with witnesses and attorneys trying to win a fictitious case against other high school teams.

Lucy Schene, senior, has been a witness on the team since her freshman year. She said the acting-heavy role requires her to play different characters for each case and give a convincing testimony when being cross-examined by attorneys from the other team.

“My favorite part of Mock Trial is the feeling of being on the stand as a witness, especially if you feel like you’re doing a really good job,” Schene said. “That’s such a great feeling. It’s so much fun to work with everyone on this activity because everyone is so passionate about it.”

The Mock Trial team meets Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. in the social studies classrooms. They encourage all new members to sign up at the activities fair or show up to a meeting to join the team. Schene suggests trying it out, saying Mock Trial has been an incredible experience for her.

“I never went into high school thinking that I’d do Mock Trial, but I signed up on a whim and it’s truly become one of my favorite things I’ve ever done,” Schene said. “[I would] recommend it to literally anyone.”