Rediquette: a guide to the internet


Trevor Cleveland, opinions writer

If you’ve ever spent time on the Internet, you’ve more than likely seen a meme before, represented by a single picture with a line of text on the top, and a line of text on the bottom.

And allow me to get something straight, it’s pronounced “meem”, not me-me.

(You’d be surprised how many people mess that up)

Meme, as a word, is defined as a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.

Memes are literally everywhere, on Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit ,4chan, 9gag, even Twitter. You could find memes on almost every social media site or forum board. If you’re going to be looking for memes, there’s some slang or lingo that people use that would be helpful for one to understand:

  • OC- Original Content, this means that this person created this meme or piece of art, etc.
  • Re-post- Really self-explanatory, a re-post is where someone takes a person’s OC (Original Content) and posts it again, saying that it’s their own OC. This is practically the high crime of the internet.
  • .Gif- A .gif is a file that acts as a moving picture. It’s basically like a tiny video that doesn’t require an annoying amount of buffering or ads. WARNING: Do not attempt to print out a .gif, I have witnessed too many people try, and witnessed all of them fail. A face-palm worthy moment.

Memes come in all forms. There are memes for confessions, opinions, insulting people for stupid acts, praising people for something they’ve done, insane behavior. There’s a meme for almost every occasion you could think of.

While the First World Problems Meme is used to complain about problems that rich people have (usually used sarcastically).

There are so many types of memes out there that it would take me practically forever to cover them all in one web post. (And I lack the time and patience to do so). However, there are plenty of sites where you can explore the world of memes yourself.