Kiss Me Kate Review: Another openin’ of another amazing KH Players show

Kiss Me Kate Review: Another openin' of another amazing KH Players show

photo courtesy of Instagram (@justin_sweeney)

Alexa Kannenberg, web managing editor

Having seen both the movie and another live production of Kiss Me Kate, I was familiar with the show going in. However I was not expecting such an energetic and talent-filled rendition of the show by my high school peers.

Kiss Me Kate is a play within a play about theatre star Fred Graham (Ross Rubright) producing, directing and starring in his rendition of The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. To complicate things, Graham must act beside his ex-wife, acclaimed actress and shrew Lilli Vanessi (Cara Palombo) while also entertaining the rising amature star Lois Lane (Emma Arnett).

Almost every song in the score is surprisingly catchy and ever since I left the theater I’ve been humming everything from Why Can’t You Behave to I’ve Come to Wife it Wealthily in Padua and these aren’t even the top five catchiest tunes. The quick wit and Shakespearean puns keep the audience entertained in between beautifully choreographed dance numbers and show-stopping solos.

The comedic stage combat was the highlight of the show for me. There’s kicking, slapping, shoving and spanking, all well-directed in a scene which received some of the biggest laughs of the night.

Both the set and costumes were exquisite and succeeded in pulling the audience into the double world of the play. The talented technicians kept the show in perfect timing, and the musicians of the pit orchestra from KHS’s very own concert band and orchestra were outstanding as always.

Even if you can’t stand musicals, Kiss Me Kate is more than worth the price of admission, and I promise it won’t disappoint. There are only two more opportunities left to see the show, this evening and tomorrow at 7 in Keating Theatre. Tickets are $7 for students and $10 for adults; buy yours in the music office or at the door before they sell out.