Seniors’ advice to freshmen


Kain Stobbe

Getting into KHS sports is a great way to meet new people.

Dear freshmen, 

The first day of your high school career may be one of the most intimidating experiences of your life — entering the school with seniors yelling, crowded hallways, huge campus, hundreds of new classmates — it’ll all feel overwhelming and terrifying. At the beginning, it might feel like you’ll never get the hang of everything, but by the time senior year rolls around, you’ll be an expert on all things KHS. Here is some of the best advice from the seniors to you.


“It takes time to feel comfortable. Don’t expect everything to feel perfect on the first day, because it won’t. Don’t get discouraged because you will get comfortable eventually.” – Marni Knapp

Don’t expect everything to feel perfect on the first day, because it won’t.

— Marni Knapp

“Learn the perfect schedule for homework and time management [early on], because [high school] only gets harder from there. Getting in a good groove freshman year makes everything else easier.” – Nia Anderson


Kirkwood offers many different clubs for students with a wide range of interests.

“Take advantage of different opportunities — whether it’s joining clubs or taking extra classes online — take advantage of everything. Kirkwood offers so many things that can make your four years even better.” – Lainey Hogg


“Don’t be afraid to talk to seniors or anyone older if you need directions, advice, whatever. A lot of the fear that people have about upperclassmen is just because people don’t approach us enough.” – Ian Preston-Campbell


“Get involved with activities the school offers because you’ll meet a lot of people you have similar interests with. A lot of people I’m friends with today are people I met through sports my freshman year.” – Will Bergman


“Don’t drink the water in the language building. It’s cloudy. Engineering water is much better.” – Jack Baranski


“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. [Freshman year] is the perfect time to do so — it will help you meet new people and grow as your own person.” – Brandon Vaughn

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

— Brandon Vaughn

“Take advantage of the resources available to you.” – Kate Bergman


High school is a great place to express yourself through fashion

“High school is a time when most people figure out who they are, so the less time spent stressing about homework and grades, [the] more time you can spend getting involved and actually enjoying yourself.”

– Jane Upmeyer


Don’t make things impossible — challenge yourself, but don’t overload yourself. Realize your boundaries for how much you can do without making a detriment to your mental health.” – Wyatt Harris


“Never hold back who you are. Wear what you want. Act the way you want. And be who you want to be because there will always be your real friends who always support you.” – Chris Plants