APP Attack

Sports Fanatic:

Yahoo! Sportacular

Get up-to-date sports scores, game reminders and coverage from more than 10 sports. From the MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, PGA and much more, this app covers all the most popular sports teams.

Cost: FREE

ESPN ScoreCenter

Catch up on your favorite team’s news coverage or sit back and read game summaries.  ScoreCenter lets the user follow hundreds of leagues including Rugby, MMA, Cricket, the NFL, NBA, NCAA and MLB.

Cost: FREE

PGA Tour

Golf fanatic? Want all your favorite players and info in one place? PGA Tour app does just that. It has complete coverage on every round, player and hole for all three tours, all season.  Follow your favorite players or get live play-by-play updates on each player and much more.

Cost: FREE



Adobe Photoshop Express

Crop, rotate, straighten and flip photos with ease using this app. The app also lets you change the exposure, saturation, tint and contrast and change the photo to black and white. With so many options, it is amazing this app doesn’t cost anything.

Cost: FREE


For the photographer who just wants more, this app is perfect. With five different themes to select from, you can create a video for just about anything. The app lets you add music, photos, clips and video and upload the movie you create to Youtube for all your friends to see.

Cost: $4.99


Ever wondered what a photo you took would look like in Helga? Or wished you had a Fisheye camera on hand? Look no more. This app easily lets you take your photos and change them into over 10 different styles.

Cost: $1.99


Flashcards Deluxe

Quit looking for your torn and beat up flashcards and whip out your iPhone or iPod touch. This app lets you create different decks for whatever you need to study. You can record, write, type or draw on the card.

Cost: $3.99

iStudiez Pro

Hey teachers, you will like this one too. Make surviving high school easier with this organizational app. Plan homework, classes, holidays, events and more. Keep track of due dates for essays, teachers contact information and track your GPA (NOTE: This does not connect to your grades at school, you must enter them yourself when you receive your scores on your various assignments).

Cost: $2.99

Graphing Calculator

An easy to use graphing calculator that is inside of your phone? Crazy right? No, not at all. A full working graphing calculator that can plot multiple equations on the same graph is perfect for an on-the-go math whiz. Zoom and take screen shots then email them to yourself all in a small app on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Cost: $1.99

Social Butterfly:

Follow friends, favorite celebrities, comedians, athletes and musicians on an easy-to-use, addictive application. Twitter is the place to go to find up-to-date info on just about anything. Follow CNN for news; follow your favorite basketball, hockey and baseball team for their latest scores and updates. Don’t think celebrities won’t respond to your tweets; some have been known to respond to fans.

Cost: FREE


Facebook Touch HD-Facely

Customize your newsfeed with different colors and fonts. With a clean-cut screen this app competes with the classic Facebook app. Create events, chat with friends, browse your news feed and live feed and much more.

Cost: $.99

HootSuite for Twitter

Love Twitter and Facebook but hate having two separate apps for them? Have no fear, HootSuite lets you manage your Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare all in one app. Comment on posts in Facebook, update your Twitter status, and translate messages from over 50 languages.  HootSuite is the all-in-one app for social networking.

Cost: FREE