Good Eats: Altai Mongolian Grill


Daniel Paese

A view of the buffet line. Altai Mongolian Grill offers a surprisingly diverse range of noodles, meats and sauces

Max Shulklapper, news writer

Altai Mongolian Grill isn’t your typical buffet restaurant. Located on 9528 Manchester Road, this restaurant brings the sizzling tastes of exotic Mongolia to St. Louis. Customers create their own meals by choosing from a wide variety of meats, noodles and vegetables. Choices include lamb, chicken, cabbage and rice.
Altai defies expectations with an unusual serving style. All the food arrayed on the buffet line is raw, and customers deliver their selections to a large grill, where the food is cooked before being brought to their table. This ensures each meal is pleasantly hot and freshly prepared. Naturally, customers can also choose from a wide range of sauces, such as “Khaan King of Sauce” and “Korean Bulgogi.”
One particular restaurant favorite is a combination of lamb with rice noodles, topped with a heap of cilantro and bamboo. For those without the wish to feast on lamb, Altai Mongolian Grill’s huge array of options allows each person to have a unique meal.
While the buffet experience is the centerpiece of Altai Mongolian Grill, a number of smaller appetizers are also offered, such as “Buuz,” a type of meat-filled dumpling. Price-wise, lunch costs $10, while dinner costs $15. Of course, this price allows for unlimited trips down the buffet line, making the offer quite a bargain. A unique restaurant experience, Altai’s cuisine tantalizes customers with mouth-watering flavors.