She can buy herself flowers


Aubree Bingham

Cyrus’ new single, “Flowers” was released January 13, following her active career currently.

While we were all celebrating the new year, Miley Cyrus was busy rewriting herself for 2023. She revealed that the new year meant a new Miley. She set the tone with the announcement of her single “Flowers” Dec. 31, 2022, via Instagram with a note that read, “New Year. New Miley. New Single.” Cyrus is releasing her complete album, “Endless Summer Vacation” March 10.

Considering the song was released on her ex-husband’s, Liam Hemsworth, birthday, the vibe of the song is mellow and chill, reflecting Cyrus’ newfound sense of closure and healing. The song starts with her singing about a relationship burning down alongside their home. She sings about her fear of losing this huge connection with someone she once loved but prioritizing her personal happiness over a man’s.

The vibe of the song is mellow and chill, reflecting Cyrus’ newfound sense of closure and healing.

Once the chorus drops and the instrumental gains more pep, Cyrus seems to gain more confidence as she sings, “I can buy myself flowers / Write my name in the sand / Talk to myself for hours / Say things you don’t understand.” The chorus is the exact embodiment of independence and self-love as Cyrus finishes by singing, “Yeah, I can love me better than you can.”

The second verse represents Cyrus gaining more power and control over her voice, determined to not let her past get in the way of her present and future happiness. She sings about closure and moving on, calmly revealing that she is done mourning. Her lyrics said, “No remorse, no regret / I forgive every word you said.”

Cyrus continues and ultimately completes the song preaching the same message: she’s moved on and is done letting her past control her life. Although this single is definitely more chill and less aggressive than some of her past music, Cyrus has never sounded so powerful and sure of herself. The accompanying music video for “Flowers” gives an even more stunning representation of how Cyrus is putting herself first along with some potential Easter eggs regarding her most infamous relationship.

The video starts with Cyrus wandering through the streets of a city, grievously singing the first verse in a gorgeous golden dress. When the chorus begins, she starts putting her hair up as she struts up the driveway to a house. By the time the second verse unfolds, she has stripped down to a black bikini and has begun to work out.

Cyrus has made the statement that she is done letting herself and others use her past against her.

This is where one of the first rumors about the music video emerged, which is that Cyrus was mocking her ex-husband’s workout routine. Whether this is true or not, which she has not addressed, Cyrus is the embodiment of self-love as she dances, swims, and exercises throughout the second chorus. Once the chorus ends, she goes to shower and dances as the post-chorus repeats, “Can love me better, I can love me better, baby.”

When the song slows down and Cyrus sings, “I didn’t want to leave you, I didn’t want to fight / Started to cry but then remembered I.” This is where Cyrus sparked another rumor that she was wearing a suit that mimicked her ex-husband’s that he wore to a red carpet where he told her to behave. As the chorus sets off for the final time, Cyrus begins wildly dancing throughout the home which is where according to “Glamour”, her ex-husband cheated on her with 14 women. She finishes the video on an extremely energetic note as she continues dancing throughout the house and on the roof, where she’s allegedly making fun of the dance Hemsworth released a video of himself doing after the divorce.

Whether or not the rumors surrounding the song are true, Cyrus has made the statement that she is done letting herself and others use her past against her. No doubt, she’s enjoying the song’s immense success as she should as she continues to top multiple Billboard charts around the world. Her complete album will have 13 tracks and as of right now, she has not announced a tour in 2023. To listen to “Flowers”, use the QR code below.