Superintendent Dr. Tom Williams speaks to safety concerns about expected Ferguson decision



photo courtesy of MCT Campus

In light of rumors that the grand jury will soon release their findings in the Michael Brown case, Dr. Tom Williams, superintendent, sent out an email to KSD staff Monday about possibly cancelling school the day the decision is released.

“I recently met with our local police departments, directors of our bus service and administrators to discuss the concerns related to the Grand Jury’s decision in the Ferguson situation,” Williams wrote. “Please know that plans are in place, and we will contact our families immediately if there are any concerns related to transportation or a change in the regular school day schedule. It is our top priority to provide our students and staff with a safe learning environment.”

KSD’s preparation comes as little surprise, considering both the Clayton and Fergsuon-Florissant school districts have also notified parents of emergency procedures in case of unrest. As KSD prepares for the grand jury’s decision to either indict or exculpate police officer Darren Wilson, St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Bob McCullouch reminded the public not to listen to rumors regarding when the findings will be released. In a press release Monday, McCullouch said:

As recently as November 4, 2014 I stated that the Grand Jury in the Michael Brown case was still hearing evidence and had not made a decision. I also stated that I did not expect the Grand Jury to complete its work and make a decision until mid to late November. That timeframe has not changed.
I realize that this is a much anticipated decision and that there is daily, if not hourly, speculation about when the announcement will be released.
Once the work of the Grand Jury is completed and they have made a determination, my Office will advise the public and the media when their decision will be released. Until that notice comes directly from this Office, ANY AND ALL claims of an announcement date or time from any source, especially social media, are rank speculation and should be ignored.
Robert P. McCulloch
St. Louis County
Prosecuting Attorney

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