Valentine’s Day couples 2018

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer

Have you ever seen any movie about high school without couples all around campus? Yeah, didn’t think so. In our culture, couples are a major part of high school life, and KHS is no different. Here are just three KHS couples sharing their story in time for Valentine’s Day:

Charlotte Heinrich

Georgia Buchanan and Zack Demetri, seniors

TKC: How long have you been dating?

Georgia Buchanan and Zack Demetri: About a month and a half.

TKC: First date?

GB: “He didn’t tell me what we were doing. He told me to set a night aside where I didn’t have any plans. He said he was going to pick me up, and to wear something athletic. He picked me up and we went to downtown to a place called Climb So iLL, and we went rockwall climbing together. After that, we went to the Shake Shack and had dinner. Then, we went to Candy Cane Lane and looked at Christmas Lights. It was all a surprise, so I had no idea what we were doing all night.”

ZD: “I wanted it to be perfect, so I asked [some] of Georgia’s best friends, and together they came up with the idea for rock-climbing and [going to] the Shake Shack, which was brand new at the time. I always thought that the perfect date would have three parts. We still didn’t have the ‘walking around, just talking’ part so, I figured why not Christmas lights?”

TKC: Best trait?

GB: “Zack is the most thoughtful, most intentional person I have ever met. Everything he does has a purpose, whether that is going on a date or sending me a text.”

ZD: “I like the way she shares her talents, especially at K-LIFE where she leads worship. Just [the way] she uses God’s gifts.”

TKC: Best date?

GB: “Axe throwing. We went to this place in Ballwin where you can learn how to throw an axe or ninja stars. We did both, [and] we did each other’s war paint. It was the best.”

ZD: “In my many years of experience axe throwing, I know it was a fun thing. So I figured I might as well share that with Georgia. I saw that there was one nearby and I was like, ‘We have to do this. The war paint was her idea. We threw some axes, tore up some targets and we were the only people with war paint there too.”

TKC: A special memory?

GB: “On our second date we went ice skating at Shaw Park in Clayton. We were skating for a long time and then Zack held my hand like a movie. That was special.”

ZD: “Before we started dating, she invited me to K-LIFE. A day or two earlier she had sent me a song that was so amazing, I was so obsessed with it. Then, at K-LIFE she was leading worship and she played that song, which was super cool.”

TKC: Something that not many people know about your boo?

GB: “Zack lived in Peru when he was kid for three years. He has a gecko and an amazing taste in music.”

ZD: “[Georgia] doesn’t know how to open up ketchup packets at Chick-fil-A and she laughs twice as hard as anyone at any joke.”

Charlotte Heinrich

Sydney Sutter and Sam Bliss, sophomores

TKC: How long have you been dating?

Sydney Sutter and Sam Bliss: Eight months.

TKC: First impression?

SS: “I thought he was nice but kind of annoying. He was telling stories [that weren’t funny] at a New Year’s Eve party.”

SB: “[In Journalism 1], I thought she was funny, interesting and fun to talk to. Just the way she did things and the way she carried herself [made her interesting].”

TKC: First date?

SS: “Tro Mo [was our first date]. We were really awkward talking to each other. We went to the gazebo in Downtown Kirkwood, and he gave me a hug goodbye. The hug for sure got him the second date.”

SB: “[The date] was really awkward because neither of us could drive and we had to get dropped off: super uncomfortable. That was my first relationship, so all I knew how to get to know someone was by asking them basic conversation starters like ‘What’s your favorite color?’ and ‘Do you have any pets?’”

TKC: Plans for Valentine’s Day?

SS: “We’re going to the Bahamas Concert. We’re going to a pizza place before, and then we’re going to Delmar Hall [for the concert].”

SB: “We are going to a concert for a band that she really likes called the Bahamas. But we’re going with her parents so that should be interesting. I’m looking forward to it.”

TKC: Most stupid argument?

SS: “So, the argument was over if a crepe is a pancake. I thought a crepe wasn’t a pancake, but he thought a crepe was a pancake. We also had an argument over how ugly the color yellow is. So, he’s been wearing the color yellow all the time now.”

SB: “In my opinion, if you’re making a pancakes, you’re making pancakes. [Sydney] thinks that if you make [the pancake] too thin, it turns it into a crepe somehow. That argument never had a conclusion; we had to agree to disagree.”

Charlotte Heinrich

Alex Voetter, senior, and Grace Adams, sophomore

TKC: How long have you been dating?

Grace Adams and Alex Voetter: Five months.

TKC: How’d you meet?

GA: “We first met in art class, because we had Art Fundamentals together when I was a freshman and he was a junior. We started talking because we both played on the Rush National soccer team. We had a lot of similarities and we both thought each other were cute. It started like that and turned into more.”

TKC: First date?

GA: “He came over [to my house] with Mandalay chicken. We watched a movie and started talking. I was really nervous because he was really cute and older [than me].”

AV: “[For] our first date, I went over to her house and we watched Pretty Little Liars. It was super fun. Grace was really outgoing. It was never awkward to be with her. There was an immediate connection.”

TKC: Best date?

GA: “We really like to go to Laumeier Sculpture Park to walk around and look at everything. Then we sit down on a bench with a little snack, [especially] when the weather is nicer.”

AV: “[My favorite date] was going to Fitz in The Loop, having dinner and ice cream floats. We stayed there for a long time. We got all dressed up, and we took pictures. It was awesome.”

TKC: Plans for Valentine’s Day?

GA: “For Valentine’s Day, we are going to our favorite store called Reset. It’s this vintage, resale store. We are both going to pick something out for each other and pay for it. Then we are going to go out to dinner and maybe watch a movie.”

TKC: Something that not many people know about your boo?

GA: “Alex actually used to play football as a kicker for KHS. Also, his middle name is Winter, it’s his mom’s maiden name.”

 AV: “Grace is super good with kids. Any kids at arm lengths away from her loves her and won’t leave her alone.”