Update to “disturbing message” left in girls’ bathroom


Photo by Jack Rintoul

“I want to say if you see something say something.”

Maddie Hawes and Jack Rintoul

KHS Principal Dr. Mike Havener sent an email to KHS parents concluding the investigation into the recent “disturbing message” written in the girls’ bathroom in the commons. The email said: “The investigation regarding the disturbing message written on the restroom walls in the school is now complete. The individual(s) involved have been identified, and appropriate police and school action has been taken. Thank you for your patience and continued support to ensure safe schools for all of our students and staff members.”    

According to Havener, in order to handle the situation the administration followed the disciplinary guidelines outlined in the KSD Discipline Policy (Page. 47-72), recently updated Aug. 20.

Havener shared his appreciation for the Kirkwood Police Department for sending extra officers to KHS’ campus today for students’ safety and said he is working to possibly have more officers on campus in the near future in response to this message. Havener added that he wants to thank teachers and support counselors who helped students today who might have been concerned due to the nature of the message. In an email sent to the faculty Sunday, Havener asked the staff to greet students as they walked in and look for those who may be having anxiety about the situation. He wants to thank the students who helped KHS in handling this issue. Going forward, he wants the student body to know the importance of speaking to the administration when they witness anything disturbing at KHS.

“I want to emphasize thanking the student body,” Havener said. “Without their help, this would have been a lot more difficult. I want to say if you see something say something. We are all in this together. This is our school, and we all want a safe learning environment and it takes all of us to create that.”