Rush Bowls review: What’s all the rush about?


Maya Kim

The ‘Lemon Squeeze Acai’ smoothie bowl, topped with granola, honey, and bananas.

Rush Bowls on Kirkwood Road is definitely somewhere you’ll want to rush over to. I’m not trying to disrespect Smoothie King and their $5 Fridays, but if you’re looking for a more filling, Instagram-worthy smoothie, then I suggest Rush Bowls. 

From the moment you walk in you feel welcomed by the employees. The vibrant colors and variety of photographs of people enjoying smoothies will make you all the more excited to get a smoothie that will appeal to your followers.

Unlike Smoothie King’s overwhelming menu with almost too many options, Rush has an easy-to-read menu, offering everything from comforting dessert bowls to healthy veggie smoothies. I really enjoyed the “Lemon Squeeze Acai” smoothie bowl, that brings various sweet and citrusy flavors to my mouth. The bowl was deliciously topped with granola and honey. Let me tell you — the granola is absolutely mouth-watering. Its crunch, combined with the smoothie’s creamy consistency, makes for the perfect bite. 

With all the greatness Rush has to offer, it does have a few downsides. Their smoothie bowls and smoothies are exceptional, no doubt about it, but they aren’t exactly appealing to students on a budget. Each smoothie bowl ranges from eight to ten dollars, and smoothies are about seven to eight dollars. Adding additional toppings such as fruit or chocolate drizzle are an extra dollar. As much as I’d love to go get a filling and healthy smoothie daily, I can’t leave my wallet starved.

Rush also isn’t the quietest place in Kirkwood. I wouldn’t suggest trying to study with the loud blenders and echoey room interrupting your focus. Heading to Kaldi’s might be a better option if you’re looking to get work done while enjoying a treat. Rush would be a better place to hang out with friends and get school work off your mind. Despite the loud atmosphere and prices that will empty your bank account, Rush is still a great smoothie place worth visiting if you’re looking for something to treat yourself.

Rush Bowls is a great addition to Kirkwood. It offers nutritious choices and great photo opportunities. It’s an easy and tasty way to get a quick meal in. The next time you’re in downtown Kirkwood, you need to stop by and try one of their many choices of smoothie bowls and smoothies.